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If you are student from the Faculty of Sciences of Education and Sports and you wish to undertake part of your studies at a foreign university, you can find information about the different international mobility programmes for students offered by the University of Granada



In the call 2016/2017, the programme Iberoamérica Santander offers to the University of Granada 35 scholarships of 3000 euros intended to afford the expenses, either totally or partially, of the tuition, displacement, maintenance, travel insurance (through de webpage and of accommodation for stays of 6 months.


If you would like to enjoy an Erasmus plus exchange programme, the University of Granada announces vacancies targeted at their students in order to undertake part of their studies at a foreign university each faculty has signed a specific agreement with. This call is usually out during the months of November and December of the previous academic year. During the month of March an extraordinary summon is published with the remaining vacancies after the previous one.

During the month of March an extraordinary summon is published with the remaining vacancies after the ordinary call. Information sessions will be undertaken at the faculty with the publication of the ordinary summons.


The Vice-chancelor of the International Relations of the UGR owns a programme which provides with grants for those studies which do not belong with the Erasmus programme targeted to students from the UGR.

  • Plan Propio International Mobility 2017-2018.
  • Download the schedule of procedures for this call here.
  • Destinations Plan Propio international mobility 2013-2014.


The Vice-Dean of International Relations promotes courses of languages and cultures during the summer at foreign institutions we have treaties with. In February calls are published for the summer stays. Check the notice board of the Vice-Dean’s web.


The students who want to organize a mobility to other institutions by their own they are allowed to do it even though the UGR did not have a bilateral agreement with such institution. After the management of the learning agreement, the student has the right to the recognition of the corresponding credits by the return. However, the student is not exempted from the payment of the fees in the host university. For more information about the free mobility for students of the UGR click here.


The Erasmus Internship is not an ordinary mobility for students, but internships in European companies. As external trainings, they are administered by the Centre of the Promotion of Employment and Internship of the UGR . The minimum duration must be 3 months and the maximum 1 year (12 months). The student would have a salary of 300 € per month approximately. In addition to this, the company may provide with any other type of compensation. For more information about the offer of the Erasmus Internship of the UGR click here.

  • For a more detailed information about the programmes and calls, click here
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