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exterior1The Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences of the University of Granada is located in the Univesity Campus of Melilla, a Spanish city which is located in the North of Africa. Our Faculty, formerly known as the Faculty of Education and Humanities, was created by the Royal Decree 399/2000 of March 24 (BOE 73, of 25th March 2000), having regard the proposal of the Social Council of the Univesity of Granada of the approval of the conducive teaching to obtaining the title of Psychopedagogy Degree and to the transformation of the Community College of the EGB Teaching in the Faculty. It has a long tradition in the city, although not so well as a Faculty, but as a Normal School that would later become the Community College of the EGB Teaching. The Normal School of Melilla was created by the Ministry of Public Instruction and Fine Arts under the Professional Plan in 1931 for the transformation of the Teaching Section of the General and Technical School through the Supreme Decree of 14 January 1932.

exterior2Currently, the Faculty has been inmersed in a thorough remodelling of its degrees to permit adaptation to the European Higher Education Area. It offers three undergraduate Degrees- Primary Education, Early Childhood Education and Social Education. Also, a Double Degree in Primary Education and Physical activity and Sports science, as well as three postgraduate degrees- Master's Degree in Teaching Compulsory and Pre-University Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Training; Master's Degree in Musical Education and Master’s Degree in Cultural Diversity. In addition, work is currently under way to increase the training offer of the Faculty. If you would like to know more about the organisation structure of the Faculty, the Deanery and its Vice-Dean Offices, the teaching staff, the regulation, the location, etc., please select the links below.