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Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación y del Deporte de Melilla

Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación y del Deporte de Melilla

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The University Guidance Centre (GOU in Spanish), which counts with more than a decade of trajectory, is the result of the commitment made by the previous Decanal Teams of the Faculty of Education and Humanities of the Univesity Campus of Melilla (University of Granada).Currently the present Decanal Team with the academic and vocational training and personal guidance of the student body of this centre. Since 2018, this centre is called as the Faculty of Sciences of the Education and the Sport. Currently there are two lines of action: the personalised action and guideline to the student body of postgraduate degrees and the creation of an Observatory of Vocational Counselling with the intent to complete their action areas.

The new educational context emerged as a result of the creation of the European Higher Education Area places in evidence the need of develop actions of information, guidance and counselling towards a complete personal, academic and vocational development of our college students, of the pre-university learners that can accede to our institution and those who had finished their studies in our place and could aspire to access to the labour market.It is therefore the demand that the GOU intends to respond to in the Faculty of the Sciences of the Education and the Sports. At present, the GOU is managed by Ms. Marina García Carmona in cooperation with the three members that compound this office and which are available to students in the following e-mails. It is recommended to ask for an appointment through them in order to conduct any kind of personalised guidance.

Marina García Carmona
Principal of the GOU

Marina García Carmona
María Tomé Fernández
Pedro Jesús Ruiz Montero
Silvia Corral Robles