University of Granada

Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación y del Deporte de Melilla

Formulario de Quejas y Sugerencias


All the information received will be treated confidentially l and a response will be given only to the own shipper, in the case of not being anonymous.

The complaints relating to the Centre or to its Governing Bodies will be atended within a maximum period of 1 month. If however, the responsible recipient is a department the period will be extended to 3 months.

If you believe that your complaint about this service has not been attended appropiately or the complaint is about the own Centre, you could address to the Director , the Rector , the Services’ Inspector or to the University Ombudsperson .

To handle your complaint, suggestion or your request you can opt to any of the following forms:

  • (A) Physically form.
    • (1) download the application in PDF format or in DOC format, by pressing the corresponging link.
    • (2) Present the completed application form in the register of the secretary of the Faculty, together together with the documents you may consider suitable. The delivery Schedule will be during the morning from 9:00 a.m to 14:00 p.m. Remember that if you wish a record of delivery in the register, you should submit the document in duplicate.
  • (B)Telematic form.
    • (1) If you wish to send the complaint telematically, download the application in DOC format.
    • (2) Fill the application with a word processor and search it in your PC.
    • (3) Send an e-mail to --LOGIN--aa2aa1a7f2baa018876ad37d342a782fugr[dot]es with subject: Complaints and suggestions also indicate the body which the complaint or suggestion is addressed to, and attach the indicated file in the last step, and other documents that you may consider suitable.
  • (C) Online form (recommended option)
    • (1) If you are going to attach files, you should have them prepared in advance and compressing them in zip or rar file.
    • (2)You should fill the data requested in the following application, and then press the “send” button.

Use this application to pursue a complaint, suggestion or a demand to de the Centre.